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Dec 24

5-Day Pretox Challenge 2016 – Day 5

Here we are on the fifth and final day.  How has it been for you? Have you noticed any benefits from simplifying your eating before the holiday season?  I certainly have, and I’m delighted.  Over the last 5 days I have noticed: Weight loss – I’ve lost quite a lot of weight.  I’m not going …

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Dec 23

5-Day Pretox Challenge 2016 – Day 4

Family Together Christmas Celebration Concept

How are you getting on today?  I have to confess that I was rather hungry yesterday, but I’m feeling better today.  And my stomach is definitely flatter – I might just get through Christmas without being mistaken for the turkey.  Or worse, the stuffing! Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, there are a lot of …

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Dec 22

5-Day Pretox Challenge 2016 – Day 3

Here we are passing the halfway mark already. It’s wonderful, but at the same time quite sad, because I’m really getting into the swing of things. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been running around doing festive things all day; going to the market, attempting to tidy my flat (unfotunately something of a lost …

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Dec 21

5-Day Pretox Challenge 2016 – Day 2

An interest in healthy food is great, but it shouldn't dominate your life

I’ts Day 2 of my Pretox Challenge, and I’m feeling good.  It feels great to prove to myself that even at this time of year it’s possible to eat healthy food and enjoy it.  And it’s easy – temptation isn’t that hard to resist when it’s only for 5 days! Athough my house isn’t looking …

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