The Nutrition Detective

  • woman detective examines the evidenceHave you been bombarded by healthy eating information?
  • Do you want to make healthy decisions for you and your family but are unsure where to start?
  • Are you considering a particular diet or supplement, and want to know whether there is any evidence that it is safe?

If so, call the Nutrition Detective!

The Nutrition Detective is a personalised service that aims to find or review the information you need to make decisions about what you or your family are eating.  You send me a list of questions (no more than 6 at a time please!) and I will track down quality information.

You could, of course, find a lot of this for yourself, but life is too short and you are busy!  So if you want to look behind the headlines and find out what’s really going on, let me be your personal Nutrition Detective.

Examples of questions that people have asked in the past are:

  • Is the 5:2 diet safe?  How do we know?
  • Can you eat too much protein?
  • Is juicing really good for you?

Please note that this service is NOT a Nutritional Therapy consultation and therefore not suitable for answering questions related to specific individuals’ health such as:

  • Which weight loss plan is best for me?
  • Should I be taking extra magnesium?

Please also note that I do not have the training to provide any advice relating to babies and children under 5.

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