Special People and Services

On this page I provide information about people and services I have enjoyed using to enhance my wellbeing or support me in my business.  This section only includes people or services of which I have personal experience; I do not accept advertising.

The Story House
Lucy MacDonald is an exceptionally talented and professional designer, who has been of immesurable help in designing my logo and business branding. As well as design, she offers advice to small start-ups about using social media to develop their business profile. Lucy’s designs are customised for each client, and provide excellent value for money.
Contact Lucy at: http://story-house.co.uk/

Sarah Warwick – Lifesong
Sarah is a singing coach who has the rare gift of being able to work with singers of all abilities, and motivate groups to find their voice. She builds confidence, and makes singing fun.  Sarah works with empathy, but without imposing her beliefs or philosophy.  Singing with her is an empowering and fun experience.
Contact Sarah at: http://www.lifesong.co.uk/

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