Personal Consultations

Fruit And Vegetables, health eatingIf you have a specific health goal or goals that you would like to work towards, and you consider that modifying your nutrition and lifestyle may support you in achieving these goals, then a personal consultation may be ideal for you.

Nutritional Therapy consultations are a considered purchase.  It is important that you know what to expect and are confident that this represents value for money.

Almost every client will require a minimum of three appointments; an initial consultation and two follow-ups.  Many clients will require additional appointments.  If you have one very specific goal with no obvious complications, it may be possible to advise you within two appointments.  Please feel free to discuss this with me.

Before the Consultation
When you book a consultation I will send you two questionnaires.  The first, which includes your health goals, medical history and a three-day food diary, should be completed and returned to me as far in advance of the consultation as possible.  You can do this via email.  The second questionnaire, which asks you to rate a list of possible symptoms according to their severity, may either be returned in advance or brought to the consultation.

Our First Meeting
The initial consultation lasts around 1 1/2 hours.  Its main purpose is for me to get to know you, your goals and your health history so I can support your needs in a way that is right for you.  During the consultation I will:

  • Explore your health goals in detail
  • Take a full case history
  • Discuss your food diary, the foods you like and dislike, and how you like to cook and eat
  • Explore your lifestyle in its wider context, including discussion of physical activity and stress
  • Give you some simple advice to get you started.

Our Second Meeting
Following the initial consultation, I will undertake research relevant to your case.  I will endeavour to find up-to-date studies which support the recommendations that I will make during subsequent consultations.

The first follow-up consultation will normally take place within a fortnight of the initial consultation.  At this meeting I will:

  • Review your goals and explore the possible effects of any changes you have made.
  • Explain what I consider may be underpinning the issues that you have presented.
  • Suggest dietary modifications to support your health goals, and explore with you how you can implement these.
  • Provide, or signpost you towards tools that may help you to understand or achieve your goals, such as books to read or recipes to use.
  • Suggest supplements or tests if they may be helpful.  It is entirely up to you whether you wish to use supplements or undertake testing, neither of which are included in the cost of the consultation, and you are very welcome to review the evidence I will use to support my recommendations.  I am not affiliated to any supplement or testing company, and I do not make a profit from the sale of supplements or tests, nor receive any incentive from any supplement or testing company to promote their products.  If it is possible for you to obtain a test from your GP I will always recommend this rather than using a testing company.

Further Meetings

The third consultation will normally take place 4-6 weeks after the second, with subsequent consultations at similar intervals, or as needed.  In each consultation I will update your health status and progress towards your goals, and give you further advice to support you in meeting those goals.  After the third consultation, the number and frequency of subsequent meetings will vary according to your needs, but I like to catch up with my clients every 6 months to find out how they are getting on, and whether there is further help I can provide.