Hypnotherapy Testimonials

I can tell you from personal experience what a powerful tool hypnotherapy can be, but it is even better if you hear it from my clients.  Here are some of the things that my clients have been kind enough to say about our work together:


“I recently had the pleasure of having a hypnotherapy session with Susannah Alexander.
To start with what I found really noticeable is that Susannah provides you with a very safe space.
She ensures you feel at ease and comfortable. The outcome of the session was for me quite a surprise.
There were three old situations that I was very aware of for many years and were linked to a limiting belief that I did not seem to get rid of.  In just one session I linked them to a fourth element I had never thought of. Connecting those dots made all the difference and the limiting belief is gone!!!
Thank you so much Susannah, this was amazing!”

“I was recommended to have a hypnotherapy session with Susannah and so pleased I did.
Susannah’s technique with my problem was amazing.
Susannah taught me through hypnosis that the problem has gone away and now I am able to free up the wasted energy to good use and tackle the block I had.
Susannah’s technique is amazing and I highly recommend her to you”.


“WOW Susannah, that was some session.  Although sad in places it was very healing and cathartic.  I can’t wait to get my personal audio to keep working to make myself better.  You truly have an exceptional gift and I’m so grateful I found you.  Thank you”.