Hypnotherapy: Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy frees people from habits or behaviours which hold them back.  It involves using hypnosis to enable an individual or group to find a personalised solution to whatever prevents them from living the life they would wish.

Hypnosis is a state in which a person becomes more relaxed, focused and open to suggestion.  The conscious mind takes a back seat, whilst the subconscious, which influences thoughts and feelings, becomes more receptive.  In this state, it becomes possible for people to understand the origins of their negative beliefs and emotions, and replace them with more positive cues.  This enables them to alter negative habits or patterns of behaviour.

What does it feel like to be hypnotised?
The feeling of being hypnotised varies between individuals.  Some people may enter a trance-like state. Others say that it feels more like day dreaming.  Everyone who is hypnotised feels in control at all times.  Most people find hypnotherapy enjoyable and relaxing.  It is completely safe, even for children and during pregnancy.

Who is Marisa Peer, and what is special about her method?
I am one of only 35 fully qualified Marisa Peer hypnotherapists in Britain.  Marisa has become known as ‘Britain’s best therapist’.  For the last 3 decades she has perfected her method by working with people from all walks of life, including film stars, sports personalities and even royalty.

With Marisa’s method, it is often possible to help clients in only one session.  This makes it ideal for busy people.  It is completely congruent with my way of working; not telling people what to do, but empowering them to find solutions within themselves.  It is a fully supportive and non-judgmental way of working.  Many people experience benefits almost immediately.

How do you use Hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy can be extremely effective with nutritional therapy, as it can help clients make dietary changes easily, and feel great about them.  However, I am qualified to use Marisa’s method on its own as well, for a variety of issues unrelated to nutrition.  For example, I find hypnotherapy particularly helpful in empowering people to give up smoking.  I enjoy working with people of all ages with confidence, public speaking and performance-related issues.  Please contact me to find out how I can work with you.