Houmous-Baked Aubergine with Pine Nuts

You know those days when your lack of sleep catches up with you, and getting out of bed is an effort?  The day I created this recipe was one of those.  I’m a big fan of baked aubergines; you get all the flavour without using loads of oil, and they are satisfying enough that you don’t worry about not having meat.  I combined this with rocket, artichoke and pink grapefruit salad for a delicious light lunch.

Houmous-stuffed Aubergine

Houmous-stuffed Aubergine

For 2 people:

2 Aubergines

1-2tbls Olive Oil

100g Houmous

1 medium Tomato

1tbls Pine Nuts


  1. Preheat the oven to 180C.  Cut the aubergines in half lengthways, and score the white inner surface to make a criss-cross pattern.  Rub the cut surface with the olive oil.

  2. Place the aubergines on a baking tray.  Put it in the oven and leave for 20-25 minutes until the aubergines are soft, and the surface is golden brown.

  3. Spread the houmous over the surfaces of the aubergines, and top with sliced tomato. Sprinkle with pine nuts.  Return to the oven for 10 minutes.

  4. Flash under the grill for 3 minutes to brown the pine nuts.  Take care, as the pine nuts burn easily.

  5. Serve with your favourite salad or steamed vegetables.

Houmous stuffed aubergine with rocket, artichoke & pink grapefruit salad