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Feb 09

Three Surprising Dietary Tips for Oral Health


Today is National Toothache Day, but nobody wants to have toothache or any form of dental disease. Although other nations joke about the poor state of ‘British Teeth’, data suggests that our oral health as a nation is improving. However, there’s still room for progress. It’s estimated that 1 in 4 children has tooth decay and misses an …

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Mar 11

Mental Health March: My tears for a family torn apart

This is a super-long post.  I’m not going to embellish it with pretty pictures, because it’s not a pretty read.  I appreciate that this might put you off reading it, but so be it.  I’m a fun, bubbly person, but on some matters I’m deadly serious.  This is one of them. It’s Mental Health March, …

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Jan 04

I love Spaghetti! A post for National Spaghetti Day


Do you love spaghetti?  I certainly do.  There’s nothing quite like it as a comfort food.  I love to twirl it round my fork; it’s been a small pleasure of mine since childhood. Spaghetti is the most popular type of pasta in the world.  It’s possible that the Etruscans made pasta as early as 400BCE, …

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Dec 29

Review of 2020


This is a long post, but then it’s been a big year. Do you write Round Robin letters at Christmas? I don’t.  I’m too lazy, and I can’t imagine that anyone else would be interested in my year. My late cousin Janet was an absolute master at them; hers were always informative, engaging and fun.  …

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May 29

What is Body Positvity?


Recently I’ve been stepping out into the body positive space.  Generally this has been well received but inevitably there have been some people who don’t like it. That’s fine, and it’s healthy to disagree respectfully.  In fact, being challenged with other opinions encourages growth. That’s why I’ve been thinking about what ‘body positive’ means for …

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Mar 06

Eating Disorders: Types and Indicators

Distorted body image

Recently I posted about common myths surrounding eating disorders.  I had a wonderful response to this, and I’m so grateful to all of you for taking the time to read it.  Whilst it delighted me that people are informing themselves, it saddened me when people wrote to me about some of the things that had …

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Feb 26

Eating Disorders: Myths and Realities

Eating Disorders Facts

When I was younger, I had regular contact with at least two people who I later found out were anorexic.  I had no idea.  Many of us think that, because of high-profile cases such as the late Princess Diana, we are all highly aware of eating disorders, who gets them, and how to spot them.  …

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Feb 13

Food of Love – a Post for Valentine’s Day

Chocolate lover

If an object’s appearance reminds you of a sexual organ, is it likely to stimulate your sexual appetite?  This was certainly believed to be the case in ancient times.  Our ancestors believed that anything resembling a sexual organ would increase libido and potency when eaten.  Over the years, anything vaguely sexy, from chillis to pomegranates, …

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Jan 30

Food Trends for 2019

Protein shake

This week I decided to check out the flagship store of a certain ‘natural’ food and products chain.  After all, an afternoon in a food shop counts as research, right? In this case my aim was to identify food trends for 2019 in the health food industry.  Obviously a little browsing (even with a good …

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Jan 23

Is Obesity a Disease? A Post for National Obesity Awareness Week

Obesity - Causes and Effects

Is obesity a disease or a lifestyle choice?  That is the question.  More and more countries are considering obesity as a disease, and calling on other nations to do the same.  Currently, Portugal is the only country in Europe that classifies obesity as a disease, joining America, Canada and, to a certain extent, Japan. Obesity …

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