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Growing up in a Mediterranean family, my earliest memories involve the mouth-watering colours, aromas and flavours which were essential elements of family life. One of my favourite pastimes was helping in the kitchen, and this love of food has inspired me ever since.

My first career was in education, and I have loved working with both adults and children to help them develop their knowledge and understanding, and achieve things they never believed possible.  I wanted to combine this experience with my passion for food, and a desire to make a real difference, and I found the perfect answer in Nutrtional Therapy.  I took a 4-year BSc course at the University of Westminster, graduating with First Class Honours in 2013.

You may have noticed that I am a plus-size lady, and you may well wonder what a person like me has to offer to someone like you in the way of nutritional advice. My personal experience with both weight issues and depression, and especially other peoples’ attitudes to these situations enables me to understand your unique needs and offer you:

  • A genuine listening ear
  • A truly non-judgemental approach
  • A response based on evidence and experiences, not on assumptions
  • Realistic action planning, consistent with the way that you prefer to work

If this sounds like a refreshing change, or an approach that may be right for you please feel free to contact me.

Do you love to learn about healthy and delicious food in a hands-on way? I can help. I offer fantiastic personalised private cookery lessons in the comfort of your own home.  I have catered for many events, and led cookery workshops for all ages. I am an experienced public speaker, having given talks throughout the country, and appeared on national radio and television.

I see my role as empowering and inspiring you in order to explore how nutrition may help you achieve your personal health goals. Please contact me, and we can discuss how I can help you eat well and feel better.