Monthly Archive: January 2019

Jan 30

Food Trends for 2019

Protein shake

This week I decided to check out the flagship store of a certain ‘natural’ food and products chain.  After all, an afternoon in a food shop counts as research, right? In this case my aim was to identify food trends for 2019 in the health food industry.  Obviously a little browsing (even with a good …

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Jan 23

Is Obesity a Disease? A Post for National Obesity Awareness Week

Obesity - Causes and Effects

Is obesity a disease or a lifestyle choice?  That is the question.  More and more countries are considering obesity as a disease, and calling on other nations to do the same.  Currently, Portugal is the only country in Europe that classifies obesity as a disease, joining America, Canada and, to a certain extent, Japan. Obesity …

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Jan 15

How to make Resolutions STICK

What is your why written on a note on wooden background with pen.

I’ve been hearing a lot this year about people deciding against making New Years resolutions.  They reason that you don’t need a new year to try something different; you can do it at any time.  I can certainly see where this is coming from, but I do think there is something quite motivating about getting …

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Jan 03

Spruce up your Sleep Routine

Factors affecting sleep

Today is the Festival of Sleep Day.  Not heard of that one?  Neither had I.  Apparently it’s a day when we’re encouraged to get some extra sleep in order to recover fully from the festivities before the year really gets going. To get you started, here are some things you might like to know about …

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