Monthly Archive: April 2018

Apr 26

When it all goes Wrong (Part 1 of 2)


The world can be a very tough place to live in.  And when one unpleasant thing happens, others often follow.  If you’re struggling with any of the problems that regularly beset us; chronic stress, debt, bereavement, conflict and discrimination, it can be galling to look at all the people on social media with their perfect …

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Apr 11

Parkinson’s Disease; an Introduction

Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease.  Not every patient will have all these symptoms.

This is a post for World Parkinson’s Day to raise awareness of the condition.  There’s quite a bit to get through, so please feel free to select the parts most relevant to you. What is Parkinson’s Disease? Parkinson’s disease is a deterioration of areas of the brain called the basal ganglia, which are responsible for …

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