Monthly Archive: February 2017

Feb 15

Don’t talk to me like a child! How the language you use around food affects your success

I very often get asked the question, “Am I allowed to eat (insert name of food here)?”  I also get asked, “What foods are good, and what foods are bad?” When that happens, I’m very aware of the language people are using.  It sounds as if you are talking to a five-year-old.  Would you ever …

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Feb 08

The ‘Clean Eating’ Debate – My Penny’s Worth

'clean eating' on a post-it note

I’m writing today’s post at my husband’s request.  He doesn’t normally take an interest in nutrition, but even he hasn’t failed to notice the current debate on ‘clean eating’.  It seems that everyone from the Hemsley sisters to former ‘Bakeoff’ constestant Ruby Tandoh, has an opinion.  My husband reckons it’s time I added my voice …

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Feb 01

Top 8 Reasons to join Sugar Free February

The red line shows non-alcoholic fatty liver disease; sugar is a key contributor

Sugar Free February has arrived.  Will you be taking on the challenge this month?  If you are on the fence, perhaps today’s article will help you decide. Here are my top reasons for staying Stronger Without Sugar this month and beyond. 1. It feels great!  I know that going without sugar seems like a real …

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