Monthly Archive: June 2016

Jun 23

Children’s Sugar Intake Soars; is there an Alternative? (Part 2)

Water infused with fruits

In last week’s article, I discussed the amount of sugar children in this country consume on a daily basis.  I also suggested how parents might encourage the development of a healthier relationship with food, and indeed with oneself. I am well aware that general statements are not enough, and that they don’t apply to every person in every …

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Jun 16

Ingredient of the Month: Almighty Asparagus

Asparagus love potion

At this time of year, asparagus is a welcome visitor to the vegetable market, heralding the arrival of summer and lazy days.  This versatile veggie is all the more valuable for its short season; no sooner does it burst onto the vegetable stalls then it’s gone.  Make the most of the rest of the season …

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Jun 02

Children’s Sugar intake Soars; is there an Alternative? (Part 1)

Child feeling left out

  Children’s sugar intake is alarmingly high, suggests a recent survey of children’s diets.  The average schoolchild eats around 19 teaspoons of sugar a day; four times the advised daily intake for children.  Meanwhile 27% of 5 year olds have tooth decay (1), and hospital admissions for children and teenagers with obesity-related complications have quadrupled in …

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