Monthly Archive: February 2016

Feb 25

Suppressed Emotions: What’s the Message in YOUR Bottle?

Message in a bottle saying 'I'm lost'.

Suppressed emotions could be bad for your health in more ways than one, and it seems that we Brits still value our stiff upper lip.  A survey published in ‘The Telegraph’ yesterday, and conducted by the Samaritans, suggests that British people are uncomfortable about discussing personal difficulties.  Of those surveyed, only 23.5% agreed with the statement, …

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Feb 10

Jamie Oliver: Ninja or Whinger?

Jamie Oliver's strategy to address childhood obesity

In the last week I have read two articles on the proposed sugar tax. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is, of course, a big fan, and has declared his intention to “get more ninja” with the government if it does not launch a strategy to combat childhood obesity.  Jamie’s proposed strategy is illustrated in this infographic …

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