Monthly Archive: October 2015

Oct 28

Sugar Challenge: Week 4 Update

Dish of meze

As of yesterday, I have been exactly a month without sugar.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss it, but the benefits far outweigh the dubious pleasures of all things sweet.  Increased alertness, a far easier time getting going in the morning, and improved sleep, not to mention a little weight  loss. …

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Oct 20

Sugar Challenge: Week 3 Update

Some white rice can have the same effect on blood sugar as pure glucose or white bread.  Yikes!

Last night I went to a play written by a friend of mine.  It’s the sort of play that leaves you feeling drained and in need of something life-affirming afterwards.  That was the day my husband ate a chocolate cake and my second favourite ice cream (mint choc chip) in front of me. “Never mind”, …

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Oct 12

Sugar Challenge: Week 2 Update

Happy, smiling lady

Week 2 has been a lot harder than Week 1. This has been a week of celebrations and parties, all of which have come with their own sweet temptations.  It seems impossible to go anywhere without encountering some form of tantalizingly presented or packaged oh-so-sweet item.  This morning I passed a concession stall in a railway station, …

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Oct 02

Three months without Sugar: Week 1 Update

Stronger Without Sugar graphic

I have now been without added sugar for a week (for what counts as sugar, please see my previous post).  So today I decided to give myself an extra challenge. We have a community meal tomorrow.  My husband and I have organized a caterer to prepare some things, as it is our wedding anniversary, but …

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