Sep 24

Announcing my New Challenge!

A short while ago I conducted a survey on what people liked about my blog, and what else they would like to see.  One of the things that readers wanted was for me to do nutrition-based challenges and report on them.  My first challenge was to feed myself and my husband for a week on £10 to raise awareness of food poverty.  It was a real learning experience, and you can read about it and try some of my recipes in previous posts.

I felt that my next challenge must be a big one.  A real meaty undertaking that would get people talking.  So here it is.  My challenge is:

To give up sugar for 3 months.

I know this one will have people divided, firstly on what counts as sugar, and secondly as to whether ‘giving up’ any kind of food is helpful.

I am not a fundamentalist.  I want people to enjoy food, and do not consider any real food as absolutely ‘good’ or ‘bad’.  I don’t yet know where I stand on the issue of a sugar tax, although perhaps I will explore that during my challenge.

What is more, this is a tough one for me, because I am not one of those nutritional therapists who thrives on caraway seeds and spirulina.  I really enjoy chocolate, in fact as I write my mouth is watering at the thought of something dark and spicy, and I don’t mean Antonio Banderas.

I do think the evidence indicates that excess sugar is contributing to the dramatic rise in chronic diseases over the past few decades.  Honestly, for most of us in the Western World, sugar is not a necessity.  Sugar only provides energy, and there are much more nutritious ways to get that.

Not needing is one thing.  Not wanting is another.  I am not sure if I will be able to succeed for 3 months, but I think the experiment is worthwhile.  I know I will really appreciate my readers’s support to help me through.  Over the next months I will explain what will and won’t count as sugar for the purpose of this challenge, why sugar is problematic, how to shop and cook without sugars, and any other issues which arise.  I will be posting once a week, or more often if something comes up, and also continuing with my mental health series once a week until the end of October.  So you will be seeing two posts a week from me from now on.  Please enjoy them!


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  1. Laure

    Go Sue, go!
    The more I experiment with food,
    the more I find that sugar can really make me feel sick if there is too much of it!
    Now the interesting part is where you put the bar.
    Do you cut all??? And what does all mean?
    I might follow you on this one!

    1. Susannah

      Hi Laure – great to have you following me and flying the flag for my international readers. I will be covering precisely the issue of what, for the purposes of this challenge, I will count as sugar, and my reasoning, so please keep looking (you can use the ‘subscribe’ button on the right of the page and my posts will come straight to your Inbox). Do keep commenting – it’s great to know that you’re reading.

  2. Laure

    PS. I want some good cake recipes with natural sugar!

    1. Susannah

      I’m still working on something that doesn’t have any added sugar or sweetener but still tastes delicious. I haven’t succeeded with cake yet, but I do make a very nice nut bar – great for kids’ lunch boxes.

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