Monthly Archive: July 2015

Jul 27

Over to You

If I have been uncharacteristically silent for the past few days it is because my computer has been at the repair shop for a few days.  I have been using the time to get some much-needed R&R myself. I have been noticing the changes in myself since taking the £10 challenge.  I no longer ‘stock …

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Jul 22

Top 5 Storecupboard Essentials

As promised, I have visited a local food bank.  The volunteers were amazing, but sadly they were suspicious of me.  They have had some bad publicity in the past, and are wary of anyone who might be a journalist.  I therefore promised to send them the post I would write so that they could approve it before …

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Jul 20

My Week for £10 – Day 8

What remains after a week on £10.  A handful of rice and 6p.

Today has been a hungry day.  My husband has been finding things particularly hard for the past two days and can’t wait to finish.  Fortunately today is our last day.   I made Kushari for lunch, and finally got round to making white bean chilli for supper. So now that we are at the end of …

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Jul 19

My Week for £10 – Day 7


Today I ran into Faya, author of the award-winning blog Fitness on Toast, whom I know slightly.  If you are not familiar with her blog already, I highly recommend a visit.  It is a thing of beauty, and inspires even a reluctant mover like myself to shake their booty with the best of them. I was talking …

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Jul 18

My Week for £10 – Day 6

Use any leftover vegetables you have available to stuff aubergines.  These ones have rice, peas and mushrooms.

After yesterday’s interval I am back to the challenge.  Not only was there no breakfast this morning, but my commitments today did not allow me to have lunch.  Luckily, one of the places I visited today had free nibbles, so I was able to partake of those to keep me going.  Skipping meals is definitely …

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Jul 17

My Week for £10 – Day 5

A dilemma and a compromise. A couple of days ago a friend called.  She lives in Gran Canaria, so I see her very rarely.  She is here in England, but only until Sunday.  She wanted to visit Oxford.  Would I go with her?  I explained to her that I was in the middle of a challenge, …

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Jul 16

My Week on £10 – Day 4

Feeling lost?  Start making a list of simple upgrades that will move you forward.  Use my handy worksheet to help you.

Today I am going out to collect something I ordered on the Internet, and realise that I have barely left the house since this challenge started.  It is a quiet period for both clients and students, so unless there has been a reason to go out, I have remained indoors.  When I do tentatively venture …

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Jul 15

My Week on £10 – Day 3

My super-easy split pea burgers.

It’s obvious that I’m going to be opposed to refined ‘junk’ foods.  They tend to be high in salt, sugar and less beneficial fats, and are almost certainly one of the many factors contributing to the problem of chronic disease (1).  I can remember the last time I ate in a fast-food burger place.  It was at …

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Jul 14

My Week on £10 – Day 2

“My wife is so resourceful that she makes noodles out of almost nothing, adds water and we have noodle soup”. From “Tevye Wins a Fortune”  – discussed in my study group today, by coincidence. My first disaster in the kitchen happened at lunchtime.  I had attempted to make fish cakes out of some leftover potatoes …

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Jul 13

My Week on £10 – Day 1

As I leave for the supermarket, my husband asks, “Are you serious about this?” “Well, yes,” I reply. “It’s on the Internet now, so people will be watching”. He is a geek and respects such things, but I can see that he is worried. Today is shopping day, and here the issues begin.  Normally I …

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